Fully Furnished Office for Rent in Vadodara

Get your own office for rent in Vadodara at the location of your choice at Rs 40/sq. ft.

DevX - Fully Furnished Office Space in Mumbai
DevX - Fully Furnished Office for Rent in Mumbai
DevX - Ready to Move Office Space in Mumbai
DevX - Fully Furnished Office Space
DevX - Fully Furnished Office Space
DevX - Fully Furnished Office Space
DevX - Fully Furnished Office Space

Our Fully Furnished Offices for Rent in Vadodara come with optional amenities and services




High Speed
Wi-Fi Internet


Meeting Rooms


Free Tea and coffee




Lounge and


Networking Events


Free Printing &






Daycare & Fitness


24*7 Security

Experience some of our workspaces virtually

Experience our office spaces on rent, that house all types of business, be it BPOs, KPOs, or Startups, SMEs, MSMEs, or even MNCs. Our efficient and functional office spaces are accommodated by all business sizes (as small as 10 employees to 200+ employees), that are delivered to them at competitive prices.



Experience Our Tech & Build Your Office space in 5 Minutes

We manage your Offices for Rent in Vadodara even after delivery

We build your dream office just the way you want it to look. Our clients get the liberty to choose the location and we design, build and deliver asthetically vibrant workspaces. Our commitment doesn’t end at delivery. We provide 24*7 office management to keep that dream office look beautiful just like on Day1.


Our team of experts connect with you to understand your requirements and share with you asthetically appealing options to select from.


Once the selection is made, we execute the design from paper to reality without compromising on quality of products.


We deliver as promised! Fully-furnished offices spaces to move in with your team. Dream office hosting your dream team.


Beautiful offices needs to be maintained; our team for housekeeping, security and operations help you keep the office new.

The city of Arts with Industrial Excellence

Post 1950 Vadodara has seen immense growth in terms of industrialization. Prior to that, it was well-known for the art of culture. Many ancillary industries have been setup across the city and the proximity to Ahmedabad gives it a special place.

DevX is all pumped to extend its reach by opening several centers of which one is our co-working space in Vadodara in Notus It park. The space has proximity with Vadodara central and Vadodara Railway station with a planned IT park in the vicinity. The building has all the safety and security required for blooming businesses.

DevX Co Working Space in Vadodara

Some of the clients that accommodate our Offices for Rent

They joined us as our clients and turned into an extended DevX family. We are blessed to have such clients that had
put their trust in us and we didn't let it shake ever.

Here is what our clients have to say...

Real Estate Pundits
Real Estate Pundits

"I can focus on my work and the rest is taken care of extremely professionally. I don't have to worry about paying my electricity bill, internet bill, property taxes, housekeeping, etc. the biggest brownie point is that I get to work in such a vibrant and beautiful space. And of course, the biggest reward is the great network I have built here. DevX community has helped me grow my professional network. Knowing about new start-up ventures, businesses and connecting with other individuals whom I wouldn't have met otherwise gradually has helped me turn these introductions into a long-lasting relationship.”

Finex Accounting

"Working at DevX has been amazing, we grew from 2 to team of 6 people now just in 1 year. Moreover, we are a rapidly growing firm, but I never need to worry about accommodating new employees because of the flexibility, world-class infrastructure and facilities provided by DevX.”

Finex Accounting

Select your team size and get your Office for Rent in Vadodara

No matter the industry you belong, we provide flexible office spaces with easy scalability to suit your future buisness goals with ease.

0 - 5

5 - 10

10 - 20

20 - 30

30 - 50


Frequently Asked Questions about Offices for Rent in Vadodara

Why choose office on rent in Vadodara?

As a home to budding and new-age commercial businesses, you wouldn’t want to miss being present in Vadodara. If you’re a business owner and want to extend your presence to the west in the best way, office on rent in Vadodara is the right workspace solution for you. With more and more businesses relocating their base to Vadodara, it proves the right place to be. With DevX you can be rest assured that the space you lease would be completed finished with décor and ergonomics as per your requirements. Making it comfortable and aesthetic to support your teams for a vibrant day at work.

What are the top areas for offices for rent in Vadodara?

If you’re a small or large enterprise looking for office space, you know it can be daunting finding the right workspace solution or office for rent in Vadodara. The location is not only critical it defines your presence across industry. Having your business in the right corporate part or business park can have just the right benefits you wish to have, especially when it provides the right ambience with a dedicated corporate reception. Some of the famous areas to find what you’re looking for are Vadiwadi, Sarabai campus, Subhanpura, Alkapuri and Vasna Gotri. Make sure you choose the right office for rent in Vadodara to set the right note for your business.

What are the things I need to take care of while getting an Office on rent in Vadodara?

Choosing the right location, building and area to set up your corporate office can be tricky. But once you find the right office on rent in Vadodara, make sure you take care of a few things like if your office is in a business park or corporate part without retail shops, if your space is fully managed, what kind of amenities are included in your lease term, when your service providers lease is expiring, if you will have enough privacy to undertake work without being disturbed by other tenants, what kind of businesses are next to you for networking and being a part of a larger community. Once you’re sure that all the things are taken care of, getting settled in the right office on rent in Vadodara will help you focus on the core of your business while other things are taken care of.

Our Work Speaks for
us, Loud and Clear!

Our work is well appluaded by our client’s cheer into providing amazing fully-funrished offices on rent across India. Explore more by dowloading the case study’s.

Work Space
A leading RPO setting up
their HO in DevX Ahmedabad
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Work Space
Journey of Aqkode and DevX joining hands.
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Work Space
A startup choosing
co-working space.
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